Thursday, December 22, 2011


reviews will come tomorrow, hopefully :)

in the public vote:

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and the judges' selections (reviews coming tomorrow!):

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there were so many great stories. so many well written secret-tales. thank you so much to my team and to all of you that participated!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ready for round two?

There are a total of twenty images provided on this website. They are the most recent twenty, directly after this post. After those are the banners for last year's winners, followed by last year's prompts. Only the twenty for this year are eligible for this year's contest.

Some are very straightforward, and others offer hints, implying at backstory or time to come.

Once you've scrolled to the bottom of this page, click on 'Older Posts' to see the rest.

You may draw ideas from as many images as you'd like, but please pick ONE key image per story entry to include your A/N.

These images are meant to inspire and can be taken literally, if you so choose. But you're not required to follow them to the T - any spin on point of view (person in the image, person seeing the image, etc), gender, age, etc is acceptable.

Thanks, and we look forward to a peek inside your imaginations :)